Apricot Forrest Mission Statement

The owners, practitioners, interns, volunteers, and teachers at Apricot Forrest Chinese Herbs all adhere to the following worldviews and are in practice bringing this Mission forward into our community: We believe medicine is a human right and that barriers to treatment should be minimized. We believe:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Indigenous Lives Matter
  • Trans Lives Matter
  • Immigrant Lives Matter
We believe Women.

We practice competent care to sexual and gender minorities.

This space is open and accommodating to folks of different socioeconomic background, race and religion, immigration status, parents and children, crying babies and adults, and the elderly and infirm.

As healthcare providers, we practice Informed Consent and Bodily Autonomy. Part of our mission is to awaken and cultivate this reality that we each are the experts of our own bodies. Healing should be empowering.

Apricot Forrest is also a teaching space, with interns and teachers all practicing this Mission. There may be different people filling formulas, making medicine, teaching workshops, and, with your permission, assisting in treatments.

Come as you are, and when you can, to our community space.

We ask all our guests to expand their circle to include those that are different from us and co-create this community united under this Mission. If you require a more controlled spa-like environment, we will gladly make referrals.